Adrian Day | Hong Kong Bargain Stocks

Albert’s guest is Adrian Day, president of Adrian Day Asset Management.

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Interview Highlights

  • The market’s focus on the Fed is overdone
  • The Fed won’t raise rates dramatically in an election year
  • It starts to get interesting when rates get to 4-4.5%
  • Alan Greenspan says if the government is spending the money we simply have to print the money
  • Greenspan is exceptionally intelligent and remarkably sharp
  • We may see a recession next year
  • I feel very positive about gold now
  • I am buying at $1166 per oz.
  • If gold moves meaningfully above $1200 we could have a serious rally
  • We’re shifting toward gold stocks over gold bullion
  • I don’t like buying the index of gold stocks
  • The gold companies with the weakest balance sheets often have the greatest performance when gold rallies
  • I’m quite sanguine on China
  • It’s clear that China is still growing despite the poor stock market performance and lack of transparency
  • We prefer to invest through Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong is probably the best market in the world right now
  • Attractive stocks are trading well below their historical book value
  • I’m attracted to copper in the next few years
  • Oil won’t recover for some time
  • I like some of the big integrated oil companies

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